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Shining light on bank fraud


From mobile to tablet to desktop, today’s banking consumers demand instant and all-hours access to their financials across multiple platforms around the world. Online theft has expanded in scope from isolated, single-channel incidents to a whole framework of fraud that can happen anywhere and anytime. Here’s a snapshot of the multimillion dollar stakes of online banking fraud. Are you prepared for the battle against theft?

From strangers to partners: Lessons in consumer insights from augmented reality


5G, augmented reality, virtual reality—we live in an always-on universe that can’t feed appetites for information fast enough. What consumer insights can telecommunications providers gain and act on from studying subscriber behavior? In this podcast, influencer Evan Kirstel touches on the digital transformation that is required of CSPs in this new data-driven world of marketing. From adopting new technology to reforming institutionalized thinking, he sets up to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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